Daughter Tells Parents She’s A Stripper With PowerPoint Presentation And Goes Viral

Lex is a stripper and wanted her parents to know about her career. So she made a PowerPoint, sat them down and made them watch a presentation.


The world learned about Lex through her sister, who goes by @mildwestsami on TikTok.

Lex introduced the PowerPoint by telling the parents a secret.

“Before you start worrying or start getting excited, this secret pertains to my life,” Lex said.

“It doesn’t affect anyone. The only reason I’m sharing is because I want the people I love and trust the most to know what’s going on in my life and just be a part of it.”

“What the secret does mean – I’m talented, I’m cool, I’m powerful,” she said. “What the secret does not mean – I’m pregnant or I’m in danger.”

Lex then delivered the big news:

“I’m a stripper, as in I pole dance at a strip club, and I love it.”

The first person to speak is her mother, who, honestly, asks a very legitimate question: “Is that how you’ve been able to suspiciously afford stuff?”

Lex confirms the suspicion, to which, mom and dad laugh — possibly with relief that it was not something worse.

Knowing her parents would most likely have questions about her safety, she compiled a list of F.A.Q.s for them.


@lex1898 is WILD😩 Jokes aside our parents are the literal best, my mom said “I’m surprised how proud I am” 🥺😭😭 #hotgirlshit #getthatbagsis

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After Lex went through her PowerPoint, her mom shared her thoughts on her daughter’s profession. “I really appreciate you being forthright and sharing your life with us, and I’m glad you are powerful.”