‘DoorDash With Me For One Hour’ — Delivery Driver Shares How Much She Actually Made In An Hour

How much does a DoorDash delivery driver make in an hour?

That was the question that TikToker Tiana ( answered as she took us on a quick delivery run.

Doordash delivery driver hour

Her first order was for $8.75, which she picked it up from a restaurant she didn’t know.

When she pulled up, the restaurant appeared to be closed. Turned out, she’d gone to the wrong place.

Doordash delivery driver hour

“That was a super fun waste of time,” she said.

Tiana eventually picked up the order and delivered it to a nice-looking house. And the person inside left her a nice tip.

Doordash delivery driver hour

“Yo, he tipped me $7! I love rich people!” she said.

Her next order was from a sushi place. But the bag was suspiciously light.

“It’s probably just one roll of sushi,” she observed. “But you know who orders that? Rich people.”

Doordash delivery driver hour

Finally, she had to fill up with gas, which really ate into her profit margins.

In all, she made $21. “Which honestly isn’t that good,” she said. “They can’t all be wins.”

But it got worse when she subtracted the cost of gas — leaving her with a grand total of negative $4 for an hour’s worth of delivery driving.

Commenters felt her pain.
Doordash delivery driver hour

So that’s how much a DoorDash delivery driver made in an hour. Not great, right?

Here’s the video.

after the gas i made -$4🤠

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