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TikTok Fashion Influencer Claps Back At Troll Who Says She’s Too Old For Doc Martens

Fashion is a personal choice and a great way to express yourself.

So why do some people think that once you reach a certain age you have to throw away your band T-shirts and hair dye and take out your nose ring?

Lonni Pike, a 56-year-old woman known on TikTok as @grayhairandtattoos is breaking stereotypes about how older women should dress and also inspiring people of all ages to wear whatever the f**k they want. 

Pike, who lives in California, went viral after an online troll criticized her and told her she’s “too old to dress like a teenager.” 


In an inspiring clap back, Pike told the troll where to go—and looked super cool while doing so in a neon T-shirt and Hello Kitty Doc Martens. 

‘”I don’t respond to comments like this one very often because truthfully I don’t care what people think. But it does stop some people from dressing the way they want to,” Pike said. 

“It puts that seed of doubt in their mind of like, ‘Oh my god are people going to judge me?’ So, in honor of, I dunno, dressing like a teenager, here’s my outfit for the day.”


Pike, who sports tattoo sleeves and a cool, gray bob advised folks to embrace their individuality: 

“Don’t let people like this stop you. Wear what you want. Express yourself—even if people think you look like a teenager. Who cares? I take it as a compliment.” 

The video was shared on Twitter and inspired others to share the ways they have bucked ageist fashion expectations: 

Wear what you want! 

Lead image: TikTok

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