Sex Educator Goes Viral For Explaining “Rules Of Female Pleasure” In The Simplest Way Possible

A TikToker recently went viral for sharing all the “rules” of female pleasure — and we have that intel for you right here.

TikToker @itsmillyevans is a sex educator and author who uses TikTok to help spread the message that sexual health and pleasure are not things that need to be stigmatized.

itsmillyevans / TikTok

She educates fellow TikTokers by chatting all things sex in a fun, approachable manner.

Milly recently went viral for her Fingering 101 series about how to sexually pleasure a woman with just your fingers.

In the first video of the two-part series, she explains how important safety is.

itsmillyevans / TikTok

“First, in terms of safety — clean hands. You must wash your hands before your hands go near anyone’s genitals. If you don’t, you’re risking giving your partner infections like urinary tract infections,” she says.

Recently, Milly chatted with BuzzFeed and talked all things women’s pleasure. “You can’t really discuss pleasure without discussing safety, well-being, and vice versa,” she told BuzzFeed.

“In order to have the most enjoyable experiences, we need to feel comfortable and prepared. That, for me, starts with sexual health and safety,” she explained.

Back in the video, Milly chats further about other safety tips for fingering.

 “Do not cut your nails before initially fingering someone because there could be sharp edges … which could hurt someone,” Milly says.


Milly breaks down that on average, women need about 14 minutes of stimulation to orgasm. So don’t stop!

In Milly’s second part of her video series, she talks about penetration.

itsmillyevans / TikTok

“Three key things I want us to be thinking about: consistency, going slow, and time,” she says.

She also notes that you should communicate frequently — different people like different things!

“Orgasm doesn’t have to be the end goal. Your goal should be having fun, but if that is something you want, it’s important to talk about clitoral stimulation. About 75% of people with vaginas need some sort of clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm,” Milly closes out.

Now get out there and show off your new knowledge with a willing partner!