Influencer Shows Her Privilege With A Wildly Out Of Touch TikTok About A $1,000-A-Night Hotel Stay

If you’re in the U.K., you know that times are tough right now. Inflation has hit a 41-year high as food and energy prices are soaring.

So it’s no surprise that nobody was in the mood to hear about how hard influencer Lydia Millen’s (@lydiamillen) life is (skip to the end for the full video).

She recently posted a TikTok where she announced that the heat was broken in her house, so she decided to travel to London and stay at the extremely swank Savoy hotel. If you’re wondering, the Savoy is a five-star hotel and rooms start at $1,000 a night. Relatable!


“I’m checking into the Savoy and I’m going to make full use of their wonderful hot water,” she said, and invited watchers to “get ready with me.”

She then detailed all the designer clothing and accessories she was wearing, all of which seemed very expensive.


She finished the video by saying, “Let me know what you think in the comments.”

And boy people sure did. Pretty much everyone dragged Millen for being extremely out of touch in a country where energy prices are currently through the roof.

Here’s a taste of what the commenters had to say.


As you can tell, nobody felt any sympathy for Millen. She had this response to an annoyed commenter, saying that she’s a “fashion and beauty influencer, not a campaigner.”


So yeah, a pretty tone-deaf video during tough times. According to her Instagram, she’s also a paid influencer for the Savoy, so it’s entirely possible that the video was a sponsored ad that backfired.

@lydiamillen via Instagram

Here’s the full video so you can see it for yourself.

h/t: Buzzfeed News