Recruiter Explains Why Companies Don’t Hire ‘The Best’ Candidate For The Job And What Interviews Are Really For

Have you ever gone in for a big interview with a corporation and aced it only to find out that you didn’t get the job? That might not really be a reflection of your skills or capabilities — but a reflection of how risky a hire you are.

TikToker and consultant Runa (@Rulewithruna) has some insight into how you can better understand why companies hire the people they do.


“Do you really think that big companies try to hire the best, most qualified candidates? Well, they don’t and I can let you know why,” she says.


“As a hiring manager, they don’t get paid more because you perform outstandingly, like, you’re the first in your team. But they do get penalized if their candidates keep on quitting early or disobey authority.”

“And what kind of candidates quit early or disobey authority? Usually the ones that are the smartest or the most qualified — qualified in terms of experience and intelligence,” she added.

“So if they don’t want to hire the best candidates out there, who do they want to hire? People with the least amount of risks. And that’s what interview questions are — to measure your risk. ‘Why did you leave your company’ measures your risk of leaving again. ‘What is your biggest weakness’ is to see how bad you can screw up. It’s really all psychology.”

Runa also posted a follow-up explaining further who might hire the best, most qualified candidates: startups.

“Usually, everyone in startups have early equity which, yes, motivates them to hire the best candidates,” she said. “In a fast-growth environment, they need high performers to solve problems. And it is also another reason why you really hear questions like, ‘What’s your biggest weakness’ going into a startup interview. Startup interview questions often sound something like, ‘Here’s a problem, how would you solve it?'”

Obviously not every company is the same, but Runa’s tips (she has a lot more advice on her TikTok page) might help you land that job you want!

Featured Image: TikTok