“Am I Getting Paid At Home?” — McDonald’s Worker Told To Watch Training Videos At Home, Then Put On Drive-Thru Untrained

A woman shared her frustration towards McDonalds on TikTok after she was forced to work the drive-thru position on her very first shift with no training whatsoever. Marissa Ann who goes by the username @zombiefucckkery1988, posted the two and a half minute clip and sparked conversation on what Mcdonalds’ training policies are supposed to look like.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic kicked off in 2019, labor shortages have been a major issue in blue-collar work forces. At this point in time, three years later, many minimum wage paying jobs have begun to slack off on their training of new employees since many seem to be temporary. However, major corporations like McDonalds are usually pretty consistent in their hiring/training processes…So what went wrong at Marissa’s location?

The TikToker alleged that after she was hired, she was asked to do all of her training on her computer at home- to which she responded with a valid question of “Am I getting paid at home?”


In the clip, Marissa starts her story by stating that she was hired by a “very lovely woman and gentleman,” but after the hiring process, she didn’t see them again. While at work she asked an on site manager where and when she was supposed to start her training, to which the manager responded “I don’t have the log-ins for you so you’re gonna have to do that at home.” Confused, Marissa asked,

“Well I don’t have the log-ins for that either so how am I gonna do that and I’m not gonna do it at home if I’m not getting paid. Am I getting paid at home?” The manager responded,

“Well no, but you still have to do them.” Baffled at this reply, Marissa asked what her next steps should be. The manager she was speaking to proceeded to communicate with numerous other managers before coming to the conclusion that they would just stick Marissa in the drive-thru position at 6 a.m. without completing any training videos.

Marissa reiterated her disdain for how unprepared she was saying, “I had not even been given a walk-thru through the damn restaurant.”

zombiefucckkery1988 via TikTok

Needless to say, Marissa’s time at this particular location didn’t last long. She wasn’t fired, but she alleges that she was gone after one week.

Those who saw the video had a few remarks in the comment section, claiming that this was just an example of poor management and that new hires are supposed to complete their online training in the store and while on the clock.

Have you ever gone through a similar situation to this one? What are your thoughts on Marissa’s Mickey-Dee’s experience? Let us know!