TikToker Slams Companies For Forcing Employees To Return To Offices And Sit On Zoom Calls

As the world “returns” to “normal”, we’ve been having this debate about going back into the office for months now. A lot of companies have moved to full or partial remote work for all their employees, but there are other businesses that are forcing their workers back into the office.

Obviously, some things do work better in person, but … mostly? Naw. Ellie, a TikToker who posts as @1corporatemillennial, agrees with that sentiment.

@1corporatemillennial / TikTok

She posted a viral TikTok of herself staring at a computer screen, clearly irked that she was asked to come into the office only to sit and take zoom calls, which could have been done at home. You know, where there is no commute. Or big “get ready” routine.

@1corporatemillennial / TikTok

In the TikTok, a text overlay reads, “What plays in my head when leadership talks about the importance of being in the office for the culture” as  “Welcome to Duloc” from Shrek plays in the background.

Most of the commenters agreed with her, that efficiency was far better from home and you didn’t have to deal with distractions. Moreover, it’s pretty insane to be asked to go to a WHOLE OTHER PLACE only to do the things you’ve done from home the entire time, but now you “have Susan coughing all day in front of me”.

“Literally. We all sit in our own cubicles and have Microsoft teams meetings. I can go an entire week without a single person speaking to me,” wrote in another TikTok user.

@1corporatemillennial / TikTok

“Got told how important it is to build your ‘brand’ and being in office is only the way,” said another person, who ended their comment with an eye-roll emoji.

So why are we being forced back into offices? Well, one theory is that “corporate-owned real estate is losing money.”

Here’s what a few others said: “It’s their tax policy and write-offs that make ‘the culture'” and “Nah it’s because they already paid for the space lol.”