@deanredmonds / TikTok

Server Forgets Food, Covers It Up With A Lie To Get A Huge Tip

In a viral TikTok, a waiter shares that he crafted a series of lies to distract a large party after he screwed up their order… in order to land a $200 tip.

TikToker @deanredmonds posted a video earlier this month in which he says he used his co-worker’s makeup to sketch a faux-dog bite to cover up that he literally forgot to put in several items of a large bachelorette party’s order.

“I obviously can’t go up to them and be like, ‘Guys, I just forgot to put in your food,” this guy reports in the clip.

@deanredmonds / TikTok

“I realized as I walked them down to our private dining room there was a table sitting outside with dogs,” he goes on. “So, I go into the bathroom, and I draw on this bite. I run up to the table limping, and I’m like, ‘Guys, I am so sorry, but the dogs outside just attacked me, and I fell with your food.’”


It worked.

The lie, let’s call it what it is, bought him enough time to cover his ass and bring the food down all at once. At that point, the women asked him to sit down and explain what happened.

“I’m literally coming up with a fake story on the spot about how I got mauled by one of the dogs. At the end, they tip me like $200-something dollars,” he said.

@deanredmonds / TikTok

And this isn’t even unusual for this guy. People pointed out in the comments that “forgetting” to put in orders is a frequent story time plot line.

“Honestly you must not be very good at your job bc you be forgetting to put food in wayyyy to often,” one TikToker wrote in.

“Bestie I think you need to pay more attention this your third strike in two weeks,” another said.

“Bestie… consider a different job,” a third commented.

To be entirely honest, I hope he gets fired.