Woman’s Furious Response To A 60-Cent Raise Goes Viral On TikTok

It’s kind of wild to me that we’re STILL telling stories about how god-awful companies are treating their employees; it’s like the world saw The Great Resignation and just collectively shrugged.

TikToker Karla, @karla_tee13, recently went viral for telling a story about how her company misled her.

@karla_tee13 / TikTok

She has been at the same place for seven years and knew that with inflation pushing prices of everything, she desperately needed a raise. Thankfully, the company told her and her co-workers that a raise was coming. But it was a scant 60-cents-an-hour raise.

@karla_tee13 / TikTok

If she’s working a minimum wage job at the federal mandated 7.25 an hour, that’s an 8.2% raise. Inflation was clocked in at 9.1% just today, so that does not even keep pace with inflation. If Karla makes more than that, her raise is even less impactful. Say she makes $15/hr, that raise is just 4%.

Here’s what Karla said about the misleading raise:

Y’all ever wanna just trust in God and just quit your job? Because let me tell y’all why my job got me all the way f**ked up.

A few months ago, they sent out an email to everyone talking about how they’re gonna raise their minimum pay by $2.

And so now everyone’s gonna start off at this amount and I’m like, “Woah, I’m only making a few dollars more than someone coming in, starting off at a lower position than me.

And I’ve been here for seven f**king years. I’ve been here seven years and y’all mean to tell me we’re not gonna get a raise?

But then they’re like, “No, everyone’s gonna get a raise. So I wait about a month and a half. I’m like, “Let’s see what this raise is they’re talking about.” Coz they just said inflation is at an all-time high. So they’re gonna take care of us, right?

I get called in on Monday talking about ‘here’s your raise’ and it’s 60 fking cents, 60 motherfking cents. What the f**k am I supposed to do with that?

So you mean to tell me, you know that inflation is at an all-time high and you gonna gimme 60 cents? Oh no, no, no. You got me f**ked up.

She also made a follow-up video after the initial one went viral.