‘I’m pretty sure I can get in trouble for this video, I’m gonna do it anyway.’ — Starbucks Worker Goes Viral For Sharing Biggest ‘Barista Icks’

A Starbucks barista went viral for sharing her biggest “icks” that she feels when dealing with customers. The term “ick” became popular on the social media app TikTok around a year ago when users began discussing niche things and actions that made them cringe.

User (kekenotpalmer) posted her video explaining her disdain for specific customer behaviors on TikTok saying “I’m pretty sure I can get in trouble for this video, I’m gonna do it anyway.”

kekenotpalmer via TikTok

Her first “ick” is people who stand in line and then don’t know what they want to order when they get to the register. Then, they take another five minutes to figure out what they want.

“Another ick are people who ask for soy milk, oat milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and then say they want sweet cream foam,” the barista says. “Like bro, you can’t have milk, and you just diluted it with heavy milk.”

Her third and biggest “ick” is customers who “don’t know what they’re ordering,” the TikToker says. She adds that it gets on her nerves when she has to remake drinks multiple times because the drink wasn’t what a customer was expecting.

The video received over 300 comments of viewers arguing that they too had some “icks” towards Starbucks baristas.


“Starbucks workers always complain”…. EVERYONE COMPLAINS. 😌💅🏾#baristalife #redcupday2022

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The Starbucks barista’s fourth “ick” is customers who show her TikTok videos of other baristas making custom drinks. When customers don’t know the recipe, she has to stand and watch another barista make the drink on TikTok before she can attempt to make it herself. Furthermore, it’s even more frustrating if the customer ends up not even liking the TikTok drink after she takes the time to learn and make it.

The last “ick” she shared is people who order a latte and forget to say they wanted it iced until they’re handed a hot one. In the same category, she says people who forget to clarify that they don’t want whipped cream on their frappes give her the “ick”.

Defending herself from the people who say Starbucks workers complain too much, the barista emphasized in the video’s caption that “EVERYONE COMPLAINS.” She also says in the video that she loves her job, despite her complaints.

“I do love my job. I do like making drinks. I do like some of the people,” she says. “But some of y’all, I’m just like ‘why are you like this?’”

Some viewers disagreed with her claims, saying that certain situations call for people to have to do these things. Since @kekenotpalmer was bold enough to share her “icks,” many viewers decided to share their own quarrels with Starbucks baristas.