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Girl Turns Horrible Tinder Convos Into Amazing TikTok Songs

Having an awful conversation with some gross dude or dudette on Tinder can leave a nasty taste in your mouth.

Thankfully, TikTok user @Beckycjmusic is turning that negativity into beautiful music with the power of a gorgeous voice and a keyboard. 

One of her most popular TikToks borrows from Tinder Nightmares Instagram page and the stylings of Journey classic “Don’t Stop Believin'” from their 1981 album “Escape.” There’s a reason everyone knows this song—it slaps.

The Tinder guy messages the Tinder girl the first line as an opener, writing, “Just a small-town girl.” Appropriately, she responds, “Living in a lonely world.”

That’s when things go off the rails.

He responds to that with a long speech that I assume is copy-pasted from his notes app.

“Well, I know this is kinda weird and pushy haha, but would you like to have sex with me? I’m not a creep or a pervert, just a genuine guy. I would treat you with respect and the sex would be good. I can even make you squirt if the connection is right haha I will not judge you or think you’re ‘easy’. So yeah, excuse me if I come across as a little uncalibrated but I think you’re attractive, so what do you think? 🙂 haha.”

Becky starts off the song with the actual Journey melody, then goes off into a more experimental place. It actually sounds amazing.

She has covered some nicer conversations where people actually hit it off, but I think people prefer hearing the bad matches get turned into something they can groove to.


Short and sweet, kind of like a lullaby but a horrible one that you didn’t ask for #unlikelyballad #tinder #fyp #foryou#voiceeffects

♬ original sound – Becky CJ


Okay, this ones a bit more wholesome, I wanna be queen of the world 😳😭 #unlikelyballad #tinder #fyp #foryou #humour

♬ original sound – becky cj

Becky’s gimmick is a popular one on TikTok right, probably because of TikToker Lubalin, who has been turning “random internet drama” into music, again making something hauntingly beautiful out of the absurd dark spots of online culture:

This might be what purifies the Internet.