TikTok Rant About Tipping For A Take Out Order Reignites Debate On Social Media

There’s an ongoing debate about tipping etiquette on social media. Sometimes it’s from an employee’s perspective, but often it’s the customer who goes viral for their take on it.

Most recently TikToker @thejmancomesquick shared a video of a rant from his car after ordering a pizza. The rant has since gone viral and has reignited the debate around tipping etiquette.

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“What is with everyone thinking that they deserve a tip now?” he asks before explaining that when he called a local pizza place to place an order for pickup, they told him to order it online. After placing the order, upon checkout he was prompted to leave a 20% tip. “For what?” he exclaims.

He continues, “What did you do? Like 20% is when people like come to your table, and they wait on you, and they pick things up, and they bring you things. Like what 20%? What’d you do? Directed me to your website?”

“It’s crazy,” he said shaking his head. Commenters shared their opinions on tipping at drive-thrus and take-out orders.

Many commenters agreed saying, “Tipping has gotten out of hand.” From drive-thrus to liquor stores, others shared their own experiences of being asked to tip at places where they believe shouldn’t even be asked.

One viewer said, “Went to Peet’s drive-thru the other day. They took my card and swiped it. Then they stick this giant screen out the drive-thru window asking for a tip.”

Another said, “The liquor store close to me has a tip jar. Do you want me to tip you for taking my money? Fat chance.”


Nate Armbruster

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