“Traveling As A Fat Person” Series Shows How Inconvenient Hotels Can Be For Some

Mary Fran Donnelly is using TikTok to show how cruel the hospitality industry is to fat travelers.

Using the handle @itsmaryfran, Mary Fran Donnelly is gaining attention for her Traveling as a Fat Person series on TikTok.

@itsmaryfran / TikTok

In January of this year, Donnelly began posting body-positive content and received support and encouragement through other TikTokers. Over time, her videos began tackling how traveling and its accommodations are not kind to those who are fat.

In May, she posted a headline that looks like it was pulled from The Onion: “Airlines could start weighing passengers before boarding.”

Is that… allowed?

In the video, Donnelly brought up how for many fat people, scales represent past trauma.

For Donnelly specifically, they remind her of demoralizing Weight Watchers meetings where she had to be weighed in front of the group.

In one of her most viral videos, Donnelly shows how unwelcoming bathroom accommodations are for fat travelers.

In the video, she says “Welcome to Our Hotel’s Fatphobic, with me, your host, your resident fat ass, Mary Fran! Come hither….” She then demonstrates what going to the bathroom is like.

“Would you like to take a pee or a poop? Don’t worry! Because you will barely fit,” Donnelly says in the video.

Because everyone loves squeezing in when squeezing one out.

Donnelly then shows what it’s like showering as a fat person in these kinds of bathrooms. And, it’s not great—the towels barely cover one tit.


Because Tik Tok thinks I’m bullying MYSELF, here’s the re-upload for the besties

♬ original sound – Mary Fran

Donnelly posted a second video, captioning it as “Traveling as a Fat Person Episode 2.” This video got even more attention than the first, receiving five million views and 1.2 million likes.

This time, Donnelly tackles pool towels and outdoor seating.

“It closes! Kind of!” (Just what everyone needs, an amenity that kind of works!)

Donnelly then walks out to the balcony, where there is a very small table and chairs set…

Like, actually meant for ants.


Traveling as a Fat Person Episode 2

♬ original sound – Mary Fran

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