‘Walking 10 Miles A Shift?!’ — Amazon Worker Surprised The Job Isn’t Like It Is On TikTok

Here’s a news flash: The Internet isn’t real life. People make their jobs (and lives) seem much cooler than they actually are.

One Amazon employee learned that lesson the hard way. The alleged employee, @arguewitchabdnotme, made a video about her experience working for the retail giant (scroll to the end for the full video).

It doesn’t sound like she’s having fun. In the video, she wrote: “Me thinking I was gonna work at Amazon as a picker and stand in one place like the ppl on tictok.”

And she added a clown makeup filter on herself just to get the point across.


If you’re wondering, a picker at Amazon is someone who selects things off racks and organizes them for transportation

It’s not clear what her job at Amazon is, but according to her caption she walks “10 miles a mfkn shift.”

And yeah, that’s not something they advertise online.

In fairness, she’s not the only one hating life at Amazon. Some other workers chimed in with their own experiences there.


We’ve heard these kinds of complaints a lot. Amazon has come under criticism around the world for its treatment of workers.

An undercover investigation in the United Kingdom revealed that warehouse employees sometimes urinate in bottles and trash cans around the warehouse so that they wouldn’t miss their strict time targets.

Drivers have also resorted to using their vans as bathrooms to save time and meet their delivery goals.

A former Amazon employee who worked in an Amazon call center in Kentucky, sued the company for allegedly firing him over frequent bathroom breaks.

So yeah, it sounds like working at Amazon can be rough. But also, don’t get a job based on TikTok — you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.

Here’s the video.


Walking 10 miles a mfkn shift

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