Walmart Employee Quits Job With Cuss-Filled Rant Over PA In Viral Video

Quitting dramatically is a thing a lot of people dream about, but few actualize. Either they need to keep the job or they can’t afford to burn bridges on their way out. A TikTok user by the name of @shanaquiapo, or Shana, wasn’t worried about any of that. She set that bridge on fire to light the way into a better life.

A viral TikTok shows Shana quitting her job at Walmart by using the intercom, kicking butt, and taking names.

“Attention all Walmart shoppers, associates, and managers,” she begins, “My name is Shana from cap 2 and I just wanna say come on here and say Henry is a racist, stinky prick. This company fires Black associates for no reason. This company treats their employees like s—t.”


And here is the video of me quitting my toxic, sexist, racist workplace. #walmartchallenge #fyp #viral #walmart #walmarthaul #walmartfindspart1

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She specifically calls out several men and the departments they work in, calling them “perverts” and says she hopes they don’t speak to their daughters the same way.

“F—k the managers, f—k this company, f—k this position, and f—k that big lazy b—ch Chris Price. I f—king quit,” she concludes, then hangs up and marches off. It’s an inspiring piece of work though I would have loved to see the aftermath in Part 2.

Lots of people applauded Shana and said this had all probably been boiling for a long time. She commented on her own TikTok to say she tried her best to get it all out:

The clip eventually got to Twitter, where people were proud of Shana for the most part, especially other former Walmart employees who say that everything she is claiming about the company is true.

Some people seemed to think this whole video is fake, but there were some people who claim to have been there and seen it, including one who got some of those coveted reaction shots:

Despite all this support, the naysayers kept telling everyone that this kind of video will mean Shana never gets a job again. But they’re not thinking about how many employers wouldn’t want to be associated with any of the accusations Shana was throwing around:

Good employers make good employees, period.

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