“We’ll All Meet You Out At 8”- Wendy’s Worker Claps Back At Customer Who Wants To Fight…The Entire Staff

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic kicked off, workers in the food industry have become bolder and bolder. Whether it’s because of the labor shortage and the knowledge that you can walk into virtually any minimum wage paying job and get hired, or just because the world feels like it’s ending and there’s no point in caring anymore- we have yet to decide.

Either way, the food industry is shifting, and with employees caring less and less, the Internet is getting a constant refill of viral videos.


ShirtBoy Wes writes in a text overlay on the clip, “when deez people mess your order up.” In the video, he approaches the Wendy’s employee at the inside counter and says, “Excuse me, I came through the drive-thru about five minutes a while ago and y’all fucked my order up, I oughta smack the fuck outta all y’all. Y’all line up so I can slap the fuck outta y’all can y’all do that?”

Without hesitation, the woman employee says, “We’ll all meet you out at 8” and the clip ends.


when deez people mess your order up 😐

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wesdewayne254 on TikTok

According to his profile bio, all of ShirtBoy’s videos are “just for laughs,” though it’s hard to tell if this one was staged or not. In another clip, he called out a KFC worker for similar reasons.

I suppose it’s possible that he has friends at multiple fast food establishments and they all agree to make TikToks that could potentially get them fired/cancelled? Whether that’s the case or not, the audacity of asking the workers to “line up” so he can “smack” them is pretty funny.

A second clip showed ShirtBoy approaching the KFC manager- “your name Mark?” he asks, “Mark Henry?”

wesdewayne254 on TikTok

Viewers in the comment section of the videos had mixed opinions about ShirtBoy’s approach, though most thought it was hilarious.