What Is The ‘Almond Mom’ TikTok Meme (And Why Are People Upset About It)?

Ok, so what is an “almond mom?” Remember the insane crash diets of the 80s and 90s? Well, those women who went through all of that have grown kids of their own now, and they passed that very specific mental illness onto them.

The term “almond mom” comes from women who only survive off of a few almonds a day. TikToker @brookeelwood explained it best. “It’s basically moms that grew up stuck in diet culture and yoyo diets in the 80s/90s and can survive now on 2 almonds a day and make you feel bad for being hungry or ever ordering a full meal out instead of lemon water and side salad.”


Core memory: eating my friends halloween candy #almondmom #halfanalmondaday #almondmompantry #dietculturedropout

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It began going viral in October last year after a clip from an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills resurfaced. Specifically, a scene with Yolanda and Gigi Hadid where Gigi mentions she doesn’t feel well, and has only had half an almond. “Have a couple of almonds, and chew them really well,” responded Yolanda.

Since then, the term has caught fire on Tiktok, and become the subject of many memes and parody videos. Even Yolanda leaned into it.


#worstmomever #almonds


Turns out, this is very relatable for a lot of people.


#duet with @suspiciousgazelle did we all have the same mom 🙃 #almondmom #growingup #relatable

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Replying to @chanidanidaa The whole world is teaching women to be critical of themselves. Teach your daughters the opposite 💕 #parenting #almondmoms #motherhood #selfconfidence

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Dr. Karla breaks it down here:


#Inverted Almond Moms are addicted to the pursuit of thin privilege and get a dopamine hit by subsuming their child in their disordered eating. The child’s weight is completely irrelevant. #almondmoms #yolandahadidflop #narcissisticparents #pediatriciansoftiktok #lifeandweightcoach #obesitydoctor

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But mostly, the Tiktoks like to mock “almond moms.”


trigger warning 🤍

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And a lot of women raised by “almond moms” are determined to break the cycle.


Whatever is the opposite of an #almondmom that’s me. I was raised by one, and it did irreparable damage to my self esteem. I will never make my kids feel that they need to “diet.” #almondmompantry #dietculture #almondmom #fyp #foryou

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Here are a few more to really hammer the point home.


Gwen is the ultimate almond mom. #gwenythpaltrow #almondmom #dropdeadgorgeous #funny #fyp #disorderedeating #patriarchy #foryoupage

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dangerous move

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the aggression was necessary

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