Psychology Educator Explains Why Normal People Fall For Even The Dumbest Conspiracy Theories

Admit it, even at your most rational, you’re just a hop-skip-jump away from putting on the tinfoil hat about something.

And actually, it turns out, we’re kinda wired that way, which is why people believe some pretty “far out” things (ahem, Flat Earthers) despite readily available and trustworthy information that debunks these myths.

But, why do people believe conspiracy theories?

Educator David Hundsness of Pet Earthling recently turned to TikTok to explain how these theories stick, and how things like ego, not rational, logical thought are much to blame.

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In his video, David gives 4 main reasons people believe in conspiracy theories:

(Transcript, full video below)


Ego is mainly why people fall for conspiracy theories. 🤦‍♂️👑 #psychology #covid19 #vaccine #biglie

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As per usual, people had some choice responses:

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