Woman On TikTok Carries Chairs, A Table, And More With Her 34GG Breasts

Anyone with a big bodacious bust will tell you, there are certain upsides and downsides to carrying around two big boobs.

For example, shopping is definitely a downside…

And the summer sweat stains are no picnic…

But, there are some fun upsides, like the viral things you can do with them…

Catrin Williams of Newport Wales has become a TikTok sensation for showing just how much she can carry with her 34GG bust.

The student discovered that she could carry two-liter bottles of water under her breasts without her hands. She then tried a plate, scales, and a tub.

She holds the items under her breasts, between the bust and chest.

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@catttttt____ / TikTok

The videos have gone viral, clocking up to more than 3 million views.

Williams says her 223,500 TikTok followers have also found her discovery funny.

She told the Daily Mail, “I think I was just looking at something and was like ‘can I hold that?’ I tried it and I could, and I was like ‘ok, how big can I go with this?’.

“I think it was a water bottle first, and that was easy — and then it got bigger and bigger, until the chair and I was like ‘oh okay’.

“I was just shocked — the two-liter bottle of lemonade shocked me because that one’s so heavy — I don’t really understand the physics, but I’m ok with it.

@catttttt____ / TikTok

“I shared them to make people laugh and because I was so shocked — I didn’t know I could do it. It’s nothing serious or heavy — it’s just funny and out of the blue random I think.”

Williams has carried things such as a laundry basket, a large textbook, bottles of lemonade, a table, a chair, and a ring light.

“The laundry basket was quite difficult — I actually dropped it on my foot and it’s bruised.

“The chair stayed there for quite a while but some of the others, like the ring light, I don’t think they could stay for too long.

“The ring light was difficult because my room isn’t that long — I was competing against the room and also it was top-heavy on one side.

@catttttt____ / TikTok

“But the other ones were easy — the water bottle and bottle of gin was easy enough.

“I was most surprised that I could hold the ring light, lemonade, and the chair — those are the ones that shocked me the most.”

Her users often suggest what to try.

“The responses have been really good — people have been laughing and commenting ‘what? — they’ve definitely been shocked.

“I’ve had a few people that have sent me the same thing – it might be a skill that a lot of people have but haven’t discovered.

@catttttt____ / TikTok

“I put them on my Instagram story as well and got a lot of messages from friends being like ‘How? Why? What? And I was just like ‘yeah’.

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“There’s a table in my room that I’m eying up — I just need to take my TV off.

“I was thinking maybe my TV as well, but that might be too far, but I’ll give it a go.”