Woman Had Her High School Bully As A Waitress, Decides To Dish Out Some Petty Revenge

A petty TikTok posted by user (teeenymaria) recently went viral and sparked a debate. Bell Marie was eating at Red Robin with her friend when she realized her waitress was all too familiar. Not only did she go to high school with her, but she was also one of Marie’s bullies.

The video showed the camera panning over a table of food and Marie’s friend, the text overlay reading,

my waitress @ Red Robin was a girl who made fun of me in high school. i left her with no tip. hahaha


The outing was the perfect opportunity to get some simple revenge, though her actions ensued quite the debate among viewers.

teeenymaria via TikTok

TikTok viewers are frequently all but ready to go to war over someone being a bad tipper, but Bell Maria may have encountered the one and only loophole.

Some speculated that the true revenge would have been to tip big and show the ex-bully that she was better off and had moved on. Others said that her actions were completely justified and that they would have done the same, if not worse. What would you have done in this situation? Let us know!