Toilet Talk And Workplace Boundaries — Funny Tiktoker Has To Explain Why She Isn’t Online While On The Pot

A TikTok user’s comedic video about workplace boundaries went viral and sparked a discussion on the topic among viewers. In the viral TikTok video, user Emily speaks to the camera while appearing to be sitting in her bathroom.

“My boss messaging me like, ‘Why aren’t you online?’” she says. “Like, babe, I’m on the toilet. Diarrhea. Like, I don’t know what to tell you.”

Emily clarifies in the comments that the video was meant as a joke. She continues, saying that her boss is “literally the best” and that she thankfully hasn’t dealt with a situation like this.

In an Instagram DM exchange with The Daily Dot, Emily said, “Both my boss and employer are incredibly flexible, understanding, and human.” She also added, “They get that people have doctors appointments, life emergencies, even days where we need to log off early for mental breaks and more. We have a hybrid work schedule and even though the in-office days are enforced, they also are flexible. I am not expected to be ‘on’ all the time and we have a really open honest communication style about what’s going on in our lives. I’ve been given a lot of grace that I’m so thankful for; it makes working so much more pleasant.”

However, while Emily has a great relationship with her employer, many viewers shared their many different experiences in the comments.

Others advised that the best way to get your boss off your back is to be brutally honest about your situation.

Some viewers also note that strong boundaries in the workplace are important.

Emily also shared some things employees can do to enforce strong healthy workplace boundaries.

“I think it comes down to respect. I do my job and get my stuff done on time, so in return, I am granted a bit more leniency because there is trust I’ll get it done. I think we all need to see each other’s humanness more. My boss was honest with us when he was going through a breakup about needing some time and space, and it gives us the ability to do the same.”

She also added, “I think from an employee side, it may make sense to go back to the basics. Original contract. I work 8:30-5:30 and nowhere in there does it say ‘have to answer weekend emails, can’t go to the doctor during the day, no running errands or having spontaneous diarrhea,’”

Emily concluded, “Also, [it] would make sense to vocalize how much better of an employee you are when you are given the appropriate resources and time to take care of yourself.”

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