Viral Facebook Wedding Group Post Shows Wild MIL Demanding She Wear White To Son’s Wedding

There are only a few rules at weddings: don’t wear white and don’t propose. It’s not hard to not do only two things but for some reason, people keep wearing white and proposing. Come on. You couldn’t find anything else to wear? 

A woman in a Facebook wedding group shared her personal slice of Hell in the form of a text conversation with her fiancé’s mother aka her future mother-in-law. The MIL shared a picture of the dress she planned to wear to her son’s wedding. It was not only white but a literal wedding dress. How embarrassing. 

Things erupted from there. We have the full scoop. 

Here is the future bride’s Facebook post in the wedding group: 

The bride messaged her fiancé for help with his mom: 

And well… the fiancé’s mother freaked out again…

At least people in the Facebook wedding group thought their drama was pretty amusing:


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