Someone Shared This Bridezilla’s Dress Code Without Permission & Now She’s Giving Them A Polygraph

I’m not sure exactly what happens when someone gets proposed to, but it seems for some brides, the moment the ring slips on their finger they become a total crazy person and lose all understanding of what’s appropriate. The term ‘bridezilla’ exists for a reason, and this bride is certainly one of them.

This bride posted a completely ridiculous dress code for her destination wedding in Hawaii that required guests to spend more than $1000 on hideous sounding outfits for her special day. She found out someone had mocked her in a wedding shaming group, and threatened to conduct a polygraph test on everyone she knew had seen the private message.

At what point do you take the hint that you just might be in the wrong?

1. Here’s her threatening message to whoever shared her original post.




5. Just an absolute stretch here.

6. Here’s the original dress code.

Hannah Riley

Hannah Riley a comedy writer and content editor with ADHD living in Seattle, Washington.