18 People Who Could Definitely Be Having A Better Day

You ever have a bad day? Sure, everyone does. And what is it about having a bad day that makes you want to read about other people having bad days? Well, misery loves company, I guess. The people below could all be having significantly better days. Read about them and just be happy it’s not you.

1. This woman, who is, unfortunately for her, not in the Blue Man Group.

2. This bank teller, who regrets opening her mouth. And actually, the woman with the check, too. That’s two bad days. One is much worse, though.

3. This woman, who lost part of her face on the bed.

4. The baker of the saddest cookies you’ve ever seen.

5. This woman, who went from being a bachelorette to single in no time flat it seems.

6. Whoever had the misfortune of accidentally texting someone who just loves pranks.

7. This woman, who experienced a mildly traumatizing awkward moment.

8. The owner of this living room that suddenly became the backyard.

9. This teacher who accidentally ruined a bunch of kids lives, nbd.

10. This student who probably should’ve started the paper a bit sooner but who am I to judge, because come on.

11. This person who sent the most inappropriate text to the person you least want to send one to.

12. This nanny who is not hundreds of years old, despite what the kids seem to think.

13. This woman whose soul has obviously now been damned to hell.

14. This guy, whose relationship is doomed by autocorrect.

15. This person, who lost their…porch? Damn.

16. This person, who didn’t hold back the tears.

17. The man who ate a fingerful of bacon grease, ewwwww.

18. DANIELLE! Wherever she may be.

h/t: BuzzFeed