23 Attractive Women Share Why Being Pretty Isn’t Really That Great

We all assume that the people that are the richest and most beautiful have it really easy. And likely, a lot of the time it’s true. There is no wonder people are most jealous of those that are super hot and flushed with cash.

But apparently there are downfalls, especially when you’re a beautiful woman. You see, unlike attractive men, women more often get treated like sex objects rather than actual human beings. They are expected to act a certain way, and most people assume they are stupid, vapid, and promiscuous.

It’s like a lot of people forgot that lesson of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” that was drilled into our heads as children. People assume all beautiful women are the same, and merely sex objects that people can oggle and touch as they please.

Sexual harassment is a serious issue for all women, and ALL WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL. Let’s get that part straight. We are all unique and sexy AF and deserve respect. Seriously, how is it that we have to keep saying sh*t like that? Treat women with respect, and don’t go around touching people without their consent. If you needed to hear that, then you are a major part of the problem.

These 23 women share the downfalls of being pretty: