Woman’s List Of What Food You Should And Shouldn’t Donate To Food Banks Goes Viral

It’s that time of year when we start donating en masse to food banks for the holidays, but did you know that there are some serious rules when it comes to those donations?

Thankfully, a post on Twitter by PunkyMantilla shared some pantry donation wisdom. She wrote:

I saw this on FB and it’s the best food pantry donation list I’ve ever seen. Usually posts like this either end up shaming the donor for what they do or don’t give, or shaming the receiver for what they do or don’t choose to eat. As a former pantry employee, I endorse!


The Facebook post she cited was a compiled list of items that will always be accepted at food banks.

Eric McCool / Facebook

Originally it appeared on Facebook, but Punky Mantilla confirmed the list was accurate and very useful.

@PunkyMantilla added, “Another thing I thought of is that when I worked there, we had volunteers who would just clip coupons for us. Usually kids working on scissors skills or elderly folks with lots of time on their hands. Then we would put the coupons in a basket and people would pick them up.”

And as the post continued to go viral, she gave one more follow up, “Since apparently I have your attention. Something that’s not on this list yet is Depends/Attends and other adult pads or diapers. People really need these, and they hate to ask for them. This is something that REALLY helps the dignity of the human person.”

@punkymantilla / Twitter

Here’s one I didn’t know: you can—and it’s incredibly helpful to—donate cash!

Wow this post blew UP. Seeing a few people who are replying with “just donate cash” or “don’t donate this and that.” Again, I stress, as a former employee of a food pantry, that’s great. Cash is AWESOME. But please don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Just feed people.

@punkymantilla / Twitter

Food banks and pantries have discounts for certain items, which means that money goes even further.

People quickly started to share their own suggestions.


There were so, so many other wonderful suggestions, I strongly suggest you visit the entire thread.

Happy donating!