Father Who Coerced Wife Into Having Baby Calls CPS On Her, Gets Slammed

HOO boy, you guys, sometimes the people on Reddit can be REAL monsters. Take this post from a now-deleted user that was put up back in December: here we have a dude who wants to call CPS on his own wife… after he coerced her into having a kid!

I hunted down the original post – let’s take a tour through this absolute insanity.

First, the guy introduces his wife, who had told him she wanted to be childfree from the get-go. He thought she’d change her mind (UGH).

Hi all. Throwaway because my wife and I see each others stuff on Reddit.

So my (31M) wife (28F) and I met when she was 22. We hit it off and we’re married within a year. She was always “childfree” and told me that from the start. I figured she was just young and free and eventually she would settle down like every other woman out there.

Surprise, surprise, she didn’t. She wanted to have her tubes tied and OP manipulated her into having one kid.

Welll eventually it started looking like she was actually serious, and she wanted to get her tubes “removed”. This really bothered me and I told her I think I’d be upset if she did it. Eventually I managed to get her to agree to have one kid. So we started trying right away, she still wanted her tubes removed immediately after.

OP’s son was born quickly and while OP might be over the moon, his poor wife isn’t.

We got pregnant fast! It was incredible. Everything went smoothly during the pregnancy and my wife gave birth to our son.

She’s struggling to nurse and seems to have sunk pretty far into a depression.

My advice request comes into play here- my wife has not been the same since he was born. She cries more than he does, doesn’t seem to want to hold him, and refuses to let him nurse from her. He is on formula we can barely afford even though she has the ability to nurse him. She used to be fun, bubbly, joking. Now it’s like she’s a completely different person.

One evening, OP came home and his wife was screaming about the baby. OP took him away and when he came back, his wife was beside herself.

Yesterday I came home from work to them both crying and screaming, and my wife said “get him out of my house” referring to our son. I didn’t know what to do so I took him to my parents house and came back home, and my wife was still in the same spot, crying, telling me her life is ruined, and that she had thoughts of running away.

BUT OP “FEELS” she has a duty to love her son, oh my god, and now is wondering if he should call child protective services.

I have no idea what to do here. I feel my wife has a duty to our son to nurse and love him. Yet she is trying to abandon him. Should I call CPS to talk to her about what she’s doing? A hospital for her? What can I do about this? Is splitting up and me taking our son the best route? How else do I get him out of the house?

This poor woman. Reddit had her back, fortunately.

One user wrote, “Yikes, dude. Don’t assume people will grow out if being childfree. Children are a fundamental incompatibility fir a reason. You can’t compromise on a child.”

PeriodDramaDoggoMama / Reddit

Another person was strong in their assessment, “You figured wrong, and your assumption is both ignorant and sexist. And now both your wife and your child are suffering because of your selfishness and your stupidity. Congratulations, you’re a douchebag.”

“Dude, you pretty much coerced her into having a kid she didn’t want, and now you want to commit her to a mental institution for what you did? That’s terrible. The least you could do would be to help out a little, and you’re worried she isn’t “fulfilling her duty” to breastfeed and be on call 24 hours. No words here, just shame on you. She’s right, you absolutely ruined it,” said another Redditor.