Amazon Is Selling a DIY Guest House Kit You Can Build In Your Backyard In Just 8 Hours

Those looking to throw together a guest house on the fly will be pleased to hear you can now build an entire house yourself—and it takes a mere eight hours!

It’s definitely a super hands-on, DIY sort of project, but the Allwood Solvolla Studio Cabin Kit—currently for sale on Amazon for $6,550—comes complete with everything you need to craft a 172-square-foot home. Eighty-six of those square feet of space are indoors, while the other half acts as a covered, outdoor patio you can use to house a grill or dining area.


The tiny-living structure has more uses beyond that of a guest house; you can convert it into a garden house, pool house, home office, or straight up chill lounge—and all the parts and instructions come included.


It’s worth noting, however, that the description of the home estimates that it’ll take about eight hours of building between two adults, meaning you may want to grab a friend. A bathroom is also not included, though Allwood Outlet insists “adding one is not difficult” as you can purchase indoor bathroom kits to build yourself as well.


Also not included? Electricity and HVAC. But besides that, the wooden structure is yours to customize at will! Alvalla also sells other DIY homes on Amazon, including the 180 square foot Arlanda Garden House for $7,590, the Lillevilla Getaway Cabin kit, which is 292 square feet plus a loft and runs for $18,800, and the 227 square foot Arlanda XL, which costs $9,790.

Just make sure you’re fully committed before buying—returning this home can’t be cheap.

h/t Amazon