And The Award For Awkward Oscars Moments Goes To… (14 Moments)

On Sunday night, the Academy Awards featured some excellent live performances, hilarious hosting bits, inspirational fashion, and a couple wins that actually brought some joy to the room. It was one of the best Oscar shows in awhile, though nothing will every beat Moonlight winning over LaLa Land at the absolute last second. But even a good show has moments where things can get weird, especially when it’s all broadcast live.

The Internet’s avid eyes were watching every second, recording and screenshotting anything even slightly amiss so they could share them. If you’re ever in a seat at an awards show, remember that you’re part of the performance. That doesn’t seem to be something Billie Eilish has yet picked up. Here are the top awkward moments of the Academy Awards: some are cute and some might lead to better media training for a few celebrities.

1. Bong Joon-Ho got caught being in love with his statuette

2. Margot Robbie becoming the physical manifestation of everyone’s feelings towards Timothee Chalamet

3. Billie Eilish looking like a teen embarrassed by the adults trying to be funny

4. Janelle Monae has a wardrobe malfunction

5. Oscar Isaac made the “Oscar so white” joke on stage

6. Utkarsh Ambudkar’s music cue came in too early for his rap…but probably no one noticed, because it was so good

7. Someone stepped on Olivia Coleman’s dress then ran away

8. Josh Gad brought up that old John Travolta flub again

9. No one applauded for Jeff Bezos, he got dragged by Chris Rock, and he had to watch Parasite win

10. No one could figure out why Blac Chyna was there