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29 Of The Best Tweets From Biden’s Inauguration

Hooray! We finally have a new president! The nightmare seems to be almost over. Joe Biden was sworn in on January 20th, 2021 and of course, with every serious thing, people on Twitter make sure to make plenty of hilarious jokes about it. Here are some of the best ones we found.

1. The worst thing to hear your boss say.

2. He stops for no one.

3. New Dr. Manhattan just dropped.

4. Please, make it stop.

5. It looks like someone got left behind.

6. I’ve been curious what it says.

7. A person only needs one jacket.

8. What is he hiding?!

9. Is this the original Guttenberg Bible?

10. She looks so fly.

11. Yes, anything for you madam president.

12. He never stops.

13. Gotta flip that thing to the back for the good stuff.

14. Ponchos are notoriously confusing.

15. The glow up.

16. He’s happier now.

17. They’re ready.

18. Best friends forever.

19. There’s no hiding the joy.

20. This is an outrage.

21. I’ve modeled my life after him.

22. Just leave the hazards on.

23. Masks make great lookalikes.

24. We have hope!

25. Looking so sharp.

26. He’s a busy man!

27. JLO was very inconsiderate.

28. Bye!

29. The ultimate revenge.