Brazilian Gang Leader Tries To Escape Prison Disguised As His Teenage Daughter

There’s a saying that the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. But what happens when the tree tries to be more like the apple? Well, it really doesn’t work too well, or at least that was the case for a gang leader who tried dressing as his daughter to escape from prison. Yep, you read that right. And no, his plan didn’t work.

A Brazilian gang leader disguised himself as his teenage daughter and was caught trying to escape from prison.

After 42-year-old Clauvino da Silva’s 19-year-old daughter visited him in a Rio de Janeiro prison, he attempted to leave while wearing a wig, a silicone mask, and her clothes. The gang leader, who is also known as “Shorty,” was acting nervously, and so he was stopped by authorities who thwarted his plan.

His plan was to leave his daughter in the prison in his place.

Authorities are investigating da Silva’s daughter’s role as an accomplice.

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The authorities also released a video that shows da Silva unmasking himself from his creepy disguise after he was caught.

Da Silva was a leader in the Red Command, one of the most powerful groups of drug traffickers in Rio.

He was serving a 73-year sentence in prison. But after his failed attempt at escape, he’s being transferred to a maximum-security prison and will probably face a longer sentence.

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People on social media are reacting to da Silva’s escape attempt with a wide range of emotions.

Da Silva is back in prison now, which leaves him with plenty of time to cook up his next plan to escape.