Woman’s Twitter Thread About How A Guy Called Out His Friends’ Behavior Goes Viral

If you’ve never been a woman walking alone anywhere, let me set the stage for you: your keys are out in the palm of your hand ready to be deployed as a stabbing device; you are looking every-which-way to make sure there’s no threat about to leap at you; you beeline to your car and lock the door behind you.

Because, y’all, there’s a potential threat everywhere.

Recently, Amy Clarkin tweeted about how she was followed by a group of guys in Edinburgh while she was headed out from a wedding. One of the guys called his friends out, but it’s still pretty unnerving. Here’s her story:

all images courtesy of AmyClarkin.

Amy was heading home from a friend’s wedding, just a ten minute walk. She told her friends she’d let them know when she was safe. Normal stuff.

That’s when a group of young men, a little tipsy, made their appearance. And they seem to be following her. Then they call out.

They get closer. It’s not threatening, but Amy’s very alert now and trying to make sure she doesn’t get into a bad situation.

They’re calling out to her. It’s uncomfortable.

Then one of the men loudly tells his friends ABSOLUTELY NOT.

The guys chill out and give Amy a big berth as they pass. One of the men says he’s sorry about his pals. One guy changed a whole group.

Amy made it home safe, albeit with the feeling of “why do we have to go through this”.

Women on Twitter commiserated with Amy, noting that it was “great to hear lads calling each other out” and that that guy uttered “the magic words.”

And others shared similar stories.

I was yelled at by this big burly “good ole boy” in a gas station last week because I had Beto stickers on my car. Two other men immediately jumped in telling the aggressor to stop & leave. One of the 2 men walked me to my car at the pump. I was so shaken – hope I said thanks.


Enough’s enough.