Celebrate Valentine’s Day With This Double Headed Sweater For You And Your Dog

Let’s face it, everyone knows that dogs are the very best thing that ever happened to us. No matter who we date or marry or love, our dogs are always going to be our first love. They’re there for us through thick and thin—they’re always there to lick our wounds (literally). And, because of this, they deserve to be celebrated like the good boys and girls they are.

So, this Valentine’s Day, why not get a sweater set that truly showcases how you feel about your puppy BFF—a double-headed sweater that you rock together. Available on Zulily, the sweater can be yours for only $39.99.

But, if you don’t want to rock the blue, why not grab one of these other adorable double-trouble sweaters for you and your furry boo. There’s an LGTBQ-friendly “love is love” sweater. Also, a “heart breaker” sweater in pink. And, our favorite, the “double trouble.”

Each sweater is $39.99 and if you order before January 31st, you’ll get it in time for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot for you and your puppy.

If you really want to wear it with another person (I mean, why would you), you totally can. But, wouldn’t you rather be attached to a dog all day? I know I would!