Fan Favorite Moments From “Gilmore Girls” To Prepare You For Your Fall Binge Watching

Temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing orange, red, and yellow, and the rainy days are upon us, that can only mean one thing…It’s Gilmore Girls season baby! The seven season hit show is still as popular as it was when it first came out, and Fall is the designated binge watching season.

The dramedy follows the relationship between a thirty-something single mother, Lorelai, and her teen daughter, Rory. The two live in Stars Hollow, Connecticut, with crazy, quirky neighbors and many ups and downs, “Gilmore Girls” always keeps you wondering what might happen next.

Fans have created and shared their favorite observations and screen-captures from the show, so if you’re a true “Gillie,” look no further! If you’re considering starting the show for the first time soon, here’s your spoiler alert! You have been warned! If you’re like me, and planning to re-watch as an annual tradition, check out the 20 posts below to prep for your binge!

So, here’s 20 fan-made edits and memes, covering all the ups, downs, highs, and lows of our beloved Gilmore Girls!

1. Lorelai’s epic comebacks.

2. Opposites attract.

3. Facts.

4. Lorelai giving the best motherly advice, as usual.

5. The moment we knew Dean didn’t stand a chance:

6. A roller coaster of emotions.

7. Paris appreciation post.

8. An essay on why Dean is terrible.

9. Why we love Jess.

10. The yacht…

11. Luke being a sweet father figure:

12. A supernatural crossover!

13. Luke being awesome:

14. A chart of the most emotional moments throughout the series:

15. Oh, Dean.

16. Some things skip a generation.

17. Sookie being Sookie.

18. Lorelai constantly roasting Rory:

19. Lorelai and Rory being carbon copies of one another:

20. The most consistent part of Gilmore Girls, Lorelai’s appreciation for coffee!