‘Feminist’ Dude Freaks Out When Female Artist Won’t Draw A Portrait For His Grandma For Free

There are many men who claim to be “feminists” but who in reality have little to no respect for women at all. It’s really easy for a guy to say he wants to help empower women, but if he treats women like crap in real life, he sort of gives himself away. A perfect example of such a guy is this dude, who is apparently the president of a school’s Feminist Club.

On Reddit, user Sunriseglow, an artist and student along with the guy, posted a series of screenshots of messages between him and herself in which he asks her for free art. So yes, he’s also one of those entitled people who feel they deserve the time and services of others for absolutely no money.

He asks her to draw a portrait of him and his brother for his grandmother, who’s sick in the hospital. Of course, she feels bad for him, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to spend hours on something and use up her supplies for nothing in return. Well, he does offer something, but it’s not nearly as good as money. It’s not good at all, actually.

He starts off by complimenting her art in a fairly creepy way, calling it “as stunning” as she is.

Guy from my school who runs the feminist club wanted free art for his dying grandmother, proceeded to (kind of?) ask me out on a date, then called me a bitch. Nice. from ChoosingBeggars

She asks if he wants the portrait to be in color, which is a little extra. It’s at this point that he reveals to her that, oh, she’s apparently doing this as a gift to him. How nice of him to mention.


He says again that his grandmother is in the hospital, and probably dying, which all may be true but still doesn’t warrant getting something for free. It’s not like he’d just walk into a restaurant and demand that they give him a free meal because of his grandmother, right? (Well, honestly, who knows with this guy.)


Instead of paying her in actual, useful money, he’s got another idea: she could take him out for a date. Yes, he’d let her do that. He senses what a wonderful “connection” they have, and because he’s such a feminist, he’ll even let her pay. Wonderful!


But finally, when she turns down his offer of a date where she pays for him (and also will still be giving him the art for free, in his version), he shows his real colors. He starts calling her names.


People on Reddit weighed in with their opinions, which were mainly along the line of “this guy is officially awful.”


Several people got into a conversation about how exactly it is that people can possibly feel so entitled, and behave so badly when they get rejected.


Sounds like it’s time to get a new president for that Feminists Club.

h/t: Someecards and Reddit