‘Fiji Girl’ Stole The Show At The Golden Globes And Twitter Is Obsessed With Her Looks

With the Golden Globes happening this Sunday, we’re all ready and excited for the start of awards season. Not only do we get to see our favorite faces getting awards for their outstanding performances in our favorite TV shows and movies—but we also get to see them serving looks on the red carpet. Everyone knows that awards season brings out the best names and designers to dress the starts, so, we’re always interested in what the celebs are wearing.

But, this year, Twitter has looked past the stars and starlets for a brand new face to take center stage on the red carpet and her name is Fiji Girl. The mystery brunette has been stationed on the red carpet to give out Fiji Water bottles to all of those parched and thirsty, but in reality, she is thirsty for some camera time. Just look at the looks this girl is serving.


Obviously, Twitter is obsessed with her (and, so are we).

And, there you have it y’all—when you have an opportunity to shine, you f**king take it. We stan a legend. Here’s to you, Fiji Girl.


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