This Viral Thread About A Waiter Saving A First Date Is Bringing Twitter To Tears

Ah, young love! Or old love! Or any kind of love that isn’t totally doomed!

While the majority of us are either one half of a young couple shacked up and behaving like old people, or else a single person wading through the pits of despair known to many as “online dating,” there are some folks who manage to go on a lovely, respectful first date without having it turn into a horror story. It’s possible, I swear!

This Twitter thread by a man named Tim proves it! Tim chronicled an adorable exchange between a couple sitting next to him while he was dining out on Sunday evening. He noted that the two shared some sweet body language, which he interpreted as “first date” body language. The romantic scene quickly turned into a really cute SNAFU, wherein the man insisted on paying though the woman could tell the menu was a little too extravagant.

Tim could tell that the young man was strapped for cash but still dedicated to treating his date to whatever she wanted, despite her protestations.

The arrived with the wine list. Again, it was clear to Tim that the young man wanted to treat his date, but that the drinks were clearly overpriced (aren’t they always?). His date sensed his hesitation and insisted on splitting the bill. It was clear, though, that he had his heart set on treating her.

So, rather that going balls to the wall with her order, she ordered a water—and changed the subject.

As both ordered roast beef and water, Tim continued to notice their chemistry.

But Tim wasn’t the only one that caught on to this sweet first date. Their waiter had also noticed their dynamic, and came through with the clutch move of offering them “complimentary” house champagne.

As Tim was leaving, he complimented the waiter on his kindness. In return, the waiter said, “We’ve all been that young man.”

People responded to Tim’s thread with a whole lot of heart emojis—literally and emotionally.

Some folks were even inspired to share their own first date tales.

Anyway, best of luck to the happy young couple and I’M NOT CRYING. (I’m crying.)