Viral Video Of Baby Laying, Rolling Around On Food Court Floor Sparks Parenting Debate

Nothing stirs up the internet like a good parenting fail video, and this one is surprisingly divisive. I’m not a parent, and when I saw it, I actually gasped because it looks so crazy. But there is a not-insignificant number of commenters on TikTok who don’t seem to think this is that out of the ordinary.

TikToker @chrisbouldin posted a video of himself reacting to it, and he definitely thinks it’s a horrifying clip.

The video was taken originally by a young woman who is filming a couple who are seated a table in a mall food court. At their feet is an infant, writhing around on the bare floor:


The parents seem to be talking to each other and ignoring the baby, who seems to be too young to sit up or walk away.

“Are they for real, for real?” the videographer asks as she walks by. “Or are they for fake?”

When the clip ends, @chrisbouldin gives his own commentary, saying, “Some people really do not deserve to be parents, bro. It is very apparent. Why do you have your kid on the floor of a food court? … Who knows what’s on that floor?”

This is a surprisingly controversial take! Of course, a lot of people commented on how filthy the floor is and how it’s weird that the parents didn’t even bring so much as a blanket to put down between the baby and the floor mopped with the same mop that goes around the toilet:

But a shocking number of people insist that sometimes babies NEED to be left on the floor:

At least a few people are pushing back on that:

It was noted that the parents don’t even seem to have a stroller with them, so maybe it’s not even their baby. They just sat down and it was already there, like an old soda cup. Not their fault!