26 Of The Funniest Halloween Costumes Ever

It’s October! The air is suddenly cool and crisp, the leaves are red and gold, and your belly is full of some pumpkin spice concoction or seasonal loaf. But there’s one problem: the sense of creeping dread as Halloween approaches and you haven’t thought of a creepy, topical or funny Halloween costume yet. The horror. There are popular costumes and there are extreme costumes but maybe your goal is to make people laugh instead of shriek. To give you some inspiration (or just a sick grin) here are some funny Halloween costumes. 

1. Sexy Ghosts

2. (Say it out loud.)

3. Sexy Clippy

4. Screaming Alien-Abducted Dad

5. The Idiot Sandwich

6. Two Stand-Up Guys

7. French Kiss

8. Bert Reynolds

10. Jurassic Park Lawyer

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