Canadian Dad Mic’d His Son Up For Hockey Practice And Got The Most Hilarious Commentary

As any parent can attest, kids really do say the darndest things. From the time they start talking, there’s no telling what kind of silly ramblings will burst forth from a curious toddler. Most of the time the funniest things are said without warning or notice, so we don’t have a chance to record them.

But every now and then one parent gets lucky enough to have a microphone on their kiddo. Take this dad, for instance, who decided to mic up his hilarious four-year-old during hockey practice.

This is Canadian hockey coach and dad, Jeremy Rupke.

Jeremy’s 4-year-old son Mason is also a hockey-lover and even plays in a local league in Ontario.

Mason is getting his start in hockey with a local Timbits league where the Rupkes live in Barrie, Ontario.

Jeremy noticed that Mason was often talking to himself during practice and decided to put a microphone on him. The result is a downright hilarious video.

In the video, which now has over 4 million views, Mason gives himself quite a few adorable pep talks.

“I was really impressed with the parts where he was pumping himself up and encouraging himself,” Jeremy told BuzzFeed News.

Like any 4-year-old’s sports practice, there were plenty of ups.

And plenty of downs.

It’s no surprise that Mason worked up an appetite.

Jeremy shared the first clip of his now-viral video on Twitter.

And people are obsessed.

One person even suggested making the recordings into a weekly podcast and tbh, we’d love that.



h/t BuzzFeed