This Girl’s Story Of Reuniting With Her Grandpa After 15 Years Is Making Twitter Cry

Family is forever. Even if years go by without you seeing a parent or sibling, they’re still your family, no matter what. And chances are, they’ve been missing you more than you know.

A woman on Twitter posted a sweet tweet about how when she finally reunited with her grandfather after not seeing him for 15 years, he showed her that he’d been carrying a picture of her at age 5 in his wallet all along.

The woman, who goes by the name Gianne on Twitter, posted a picture of her grandfather holding up the wallet photo, as well as a picture of her and her grandpa together. Awww! Love!

The tweet started to go viral, and Gianne posted a follow-up tweet with a video where her grandpa says hi to Twitter.

People on Twitter had a strong reaction to the sweetness, and they let Gianne and her adorable grandpa know as much.

Doesn’t this just make your heart all warm and tingly? Maybe now that they’ve finally reunited, he can update that picture in his wallet!