Guy Pathetically Attempts To Pick Up A Married Woman Online, Fails Horribly

Having the balls to message someone on social media—or “slide into their DMs as the kids like to call it—takes serious guts. Not everyone has the confidence to hit on a complete stranger on social media. However, some enjoy the thrill of being able to hide behind the front of a keyboard and a screen. And, even if you’re the type to message people online, you should respect when they say “no,” or “uninterested.” But, everyone with a social media account knows this is never the case. Like, this married woman who was messaged online by a stranger who couldn’t take “no” for an answer…even after she blocked him.

He had an entire saga planned on how to approach her.

But, from the start, she said she was uninterested—especially in this weird role play sh*t.

And, that didn’t stop him.

She even told him that she’s married.

But, that didn’t stop him, either.

She couldn’t keep it together over the stupidity.


After blocking him, he made another account to message her.

And, he didn’t stop there, either.

She even tried in other languages to turn him down.


But, he wasn’t done.

However, she was.

Thank God I don’t use social media a lot because—nope.