Juice Company Asking For Worker Who ‘Doesn’t Cry’ Gets Slammed On Twitter

Honestly, in the current work climate, I don’t know how on earth this company thought this was a good idea.

Like, yeah, they’re not wrong to want to make sure they have a good employee, but we’re currently in a world where workers have a lot of sway over what they will and will not accept from an employer. And since people are looking for healthy workplaces, they’re on the lookout for clues about what the workplace culture will be before they start working there. Which is to say: they’re looking at the ads and deciding whether or not to even apply.

Kreation Juice

Twitterer @jensontitus recently shared a job posting from Kreation Organic Juicery.

Jenson uploaded a help wanted sign that was recently in the window of the juice bar.

@jensontitus / Twitter

It read:

“Still looking for that special person. You know the one… actually available. Open schedule. Works Hard” and so on — not particularly inviting, but also not terribly alarming, right?

But it goes on.

“Doesn’t cry. Has no Bullsh*t. Smiles no matter what.”

And Jenson noted that, boy, that looks like a lot of red flags for the workplace — yes, yes it does.

Jenson’s tweet went viral and was later acknowledged by the company.

@jensontitus / Twitter

At the end of it all?

Kenton Organic’s posting led to many people on Twitter sharing their own workplace “red flags”.

“I’ve worked in plenty of restaurants FoH and BoH, in most positions. It’s shocking how many people enter a fast paced and competitive industry like food service and expect everyone else to coddle their emotions and feelings of entitlement,” wrote in COHntr93.


voss_cj said, “Open schedule means we will change your hours at the last minute and expect you to be happy about it. Never late means be here an hour early just in case we need you.”


“Straight up. I broke down at jobs because of bad management. Some of the best employees I worked with had days they broke down because of the terrible treatment we had. So glad I’m at a good job now with a great union and owners who care about their employees,” noted NotTokenBlack.