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Oh No! This Woman’s Hinge Date Left To ‘Move His Car’ And Never Returned

This guy sounds like such an absolute coward that part of me is relieved that the woman didn’t have to suffer his company for any loaner than forty-five seconds.

Rachel Wilson, 28, said she met a date in a North Carolina sports back in mid-January. The pair had met on the dating app Hinge and she said he seemed pretty cool and chill on the app. But not a full minute into the night, this guy stood up and claimed he needed to move his car.

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A few minutes later, the guy texted her and said, “Sorry wasn’t feeling it,” then added a sad face emoji. The balls on this guy.

This poor woman said, “I stood in front of the restaurant waiting for about five minutes before I got the text.”

She continued, “I didn’t respond and immediately deleted his number and have heard no word from him since. I think if I was not a confident person this would have honestly wrecked me, but luckily I am very secure and confident in who I am, so it won’t affect the way I approach dating moving forward.”

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Rachel further explained that she did like the guy at first. “I liked that he made solid plans right off the bat. I hate when you meet someone on a dating app and talk back and forth forever, with no solid plans to meet. We went to a sports bar-type place, and were planning on getting chicken wings and a beer.”

She made light of the whole ordeal by posting a TikTok that quickly went viral.

Comments ranged from sympathetic to furious with the guy. One person wrote, “I had a guy fake having MS 5mins into mine. Happened last week.”

Just an absolute mess out there, gang.