JNCO Jeans Are Back, But Their Prices Are Bigger Than Their Pant Legs

Someone wise once said, “Everything old is new again.” Someone else wise said, “Let’s make everything old new again… and then charge exorbitant prices for it.” That’s exactly what’s happening now that JNCO jeans are getting re-released with a hefty price tag.


Back in the 1990s, the pants industry took a big swing in the opposite direction of skinny jeans all the way to widest wide leg jeans you can imagine. JNCO jeans popularized the look with baggy jeans that spread out to upwards of 50 feet wide.

JNCO has gone through several iterations over the past few decades, but now one of the original founders is relaunching the brand with eight new styles of jeans that cost a whopping $225 and $350 each.


According to Mixmag, Milo Revah, who founded JNCO alongside his brother Jacques Yaakov Revah in 1985, is heading the new JNCO brand with his daughter Camilla.

“When I began to understand the flavor of Los Angeles, I was obsessed and came up with this concept of wide leg jeans,” Milo told Mixmag.

The baggy jeans took off in Los Angeles and beyond, becoming a staple in malls all across America. Their popularity didn’t last forever. 


I mean, it makes sense that people got sick of looking like a walking laundry basket with yards of fabric draped around their legs.

The market for JNCOs steadily declined over the years, with average prices falling from triple digits to below $70 in 2017, according to Jezebel. It didn’t seem like people were clamoring for more JNCO jeans in their lives, but it looks like the pants have their fans.

Will JNCO fans be willing to pay $350 for that 90s-era wide-leg? Based on what they’re saying online, probably not.