Lady Gaga Stripped Down To Her Underwear At The Met Gala And It’s Extra As Hell

The 2019 Met Gala is upon us, and that means it’s time to gawk at celebrities wearing outrageous outfits they could never get away with at any other event. Past Met Gala’s have given us iconic looks like Rihanna’s jewel-encrusted pope hat.


The theme this year is “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” a reference to Susan Sontag’s essay “Notes On Camp” where she defines camp according to “its love of the unnatural, of artifice and exaggeration.” Basically, wacky over-the-top dresses and styles so vibrant they might make your eyes hurt just looking at them (think John Waters movies).

With a theme like that, you know Lady Gaga is going to show up and slay, and slay she did. Gaga made her entrance in a billowing hot pink gown so massive she had attendants to help her.

Then she shocked onlookers by transforming her Brandon Maxwell gown into an elegant, pared-down black number.

But Gaga wasn’t done yet. She let her black dress fall, transforming once more into a sleek flamingo-pink evening gown, complete with an oversized cell phone (possibly a nod to her hit single “Telephone”).

Finally, slipped that slinky number off to reveal a spangled bra, matching fishnet leggings, and deadly sexy high heels.

That’s a total of four different, amazing ~lewks~!

And take a gander at her out-there eyelash extensions:

Twitter absolutely lost their sh*t at the dramatic entrance.

We stan a Met Gala queen.

h/t: People