Let’s Settle This Once And For All: Here’s Who’s Still Alive After The Battle Of Winterfell

We’re halfway through Season 8 of Game of Thrones and we got gifted with one of the most epic battles in the history of television. While we anticipated deaths, it’s still hard to say goodbye to people who we know will definitely leave a hole in the storyline moving through the last three episodes. But, with the episode being so f**king dark, it’s hard to know who’s still even alive at this point.

So, take your drink, pour one out and say “Valar morghulis,” because we’re breaking down the Game of Deaths.

Definitely Dead:

1.Eddison Tollett

Who: A brother of the Night’s Watch who served to protect the wall alongside Jon Snow and Samwell Tarley. He has been a huge ally to Jon throughout his quest to fight the Army of the Dead and never turned his back on the brotherhood.

When: Episode 3, “The Long Night”

How: During the Battle of Winterfell, Eddison died trying to save his brother, Samwell, when the White Walkers were tryingto kill him. he was stabbed in the back by a member of the Night King’s army.

2. Lady Lyanna Mormont

Who: Lady Mormont is the head of House Mormont of Bear Island and is one of the only women to be head of a house in Game of Thrones. In addition to being one of the only women, she’s the youngest on the show to run a house. She was also one of the first to stand beside House Stark to fight the Night King.

When: Episode 3, “The Long Night”

How: She is small, but she is mighty. While fighting on the battlefield against the Night King and his army, Lady Mormont took on the giant zombie all on her own. While she had no chance against him, she sacrificed herself and defeated the giant who would have slaughtered her men and people.

3. Beric Dondarrion

Who: Lord Beric Dondarrion is the head of House Dondarrion, and led the “Brotherhood Without Banners” against the Seven Kingdoms. He was brought back to life numerous times and therefore, adopted his belief in the Lord of Light beside Melisandre—after being saved for a “reason.”

When: Episode 3, “The Long Night”

How: Beric was stabbed by a White Walker in the crypts trying to save Arya Stark during the battle. Melisandre stated after his death, “The Lord brought him back for a purpose, and now that purpose has been served.”

4. Theon Greyjoy

Who: Theon Grejoy has been apart of GoT since Season 1 when he was part of the Stark “family.” But, we’ve seen his character’s arc over the years from betraying Robb and the Starks for his father, Lord Balon Greyjoy of the Iron Islands, to painfully being castrated by Ramsay Bolton—and becoming Reek. We finally get to see him redeem himself and serve his one true family in the Battle of Winterfell

When: Episode 3, “The Long Night”

How: Theon died redeeming himself and protecting Bran Stark, whom he stole Winterfell from all those seasons ago. He finally got to hear those comforting words from Bran, “You’re a good man, thank you,” and took death head-on—charging at the Night King to try and save Bran one last time.

5. Jorah Mormont

Who: With us from the very beginning in Season 1, Jorah was originally a spy for King Robert Baratheon to spy on Daenerys and the Targaryen family—protecting the crown. However, he fell head over heels in love with Dany and completely switched sides. Even after Dany found out he was lying and conspiring behind her back, he fought long and hard to regain her trust. He survived betrayal, death, and even greyscale all to come back and protect his Queen.

When: Episode 3, “The Long Night”

How: Jorah is stabbed my multiple White Walkers during the Battle of Winterfell trying to defend Daenerys after she falls from her dragon and is left to fight for her life.

6. Melisandre

Who: The “Red Woman” who has been involved in multiple storylines throughout the show, Melisandre was first introduced serving beside Stannis Baratheon to bring him the Iron Throne. We’ve hated her over the years for her dark magic—and killing Shireen Baratheon and burning her alive. Plus, who can forget her sexual assault of Gendry? But, Melisandre finally showed that she has some worth when she saved the majority of Winterfell and the characters by channeling the Lord of Light in the battle.

When: Episode 3, “The Long Night”

How: After the battle was over and the living had won, Melisandre walks beyond Winterfell and the dead bodies, takes off her necklace (which keeps her young) and collapses on the snow once and for all.

7. The Night King/Army of the Dead:

Who: The Night King is the supreme leader and the first of the White Walkers, having existed since the age of the First Men. By extension, he is also the master of the Wights and Walkers—being able to control all of themand raise the dead.

When: Episode 3, “The Long Night”

How: Arya Stark drives a dagger made of Valyrian steel through his stomach, shattering him at the core, and therefore killing the entire Army of the Dead along with him.

Definitely Alive:

1. Arya Stark:

Who: Arya Stark is the youngest daughter of Ned and Cat Stark and has always been our lone warrior princess—even giving Zena a bad name. Through watching her father be decapitated to being held a prisoner by the Lannisters and escaping to Bravos, Arya has literally seen it all. She’s missed her chance at being reunited with her family so many times, it was only right for her to go out swinging and kill the Night King.

Not to mention that swift switch-off—we’ve seen it before.

Why: We saw Arya defeat the Night King and stand with her brother, Bran, so she’s definitely alive.

Prediction: I really do see Arya making it all the way to the end. She’s either going to murder someone big—like Cersei or another Lannister—or, even Daenerys if there’s trouble in paradise for Jon. Either way, I don’t see them killing her off. But, this is Game of Thrones, so what I least expect, it may just happen.

2. Bran Stark:

Who: Bran Stark—aka the Three-Eyed Raven—who was pushed out a window all the way back in Season 1 is (figuratively) standing tall, thanks to his sister, Arya, at the very last minute. Bran is definitely going to come in handy in the battle for the Iron Throne, as he can warg into a raven and listen into Cersei’s conversations, maybe helping his brother and Daenerys.

Why: We saw Bran being saved by Arya and sitting with Arya at the tree.

Prediction: Bran is going to come in and help Jon and Daenerys with a lot of unanswered questions. He may also have the answers to some burning questions we have about prophecies we’ve heard about for years—like The Prince That Was Promised.

3. Jon Snow:

Who: The “bastard” Stark, AKA the hidden Targaryen heir, had a lot of problems during the Battle of Winterfell. While Jon has proven time and time again to be a brave, passionate warrior, it was nice to see others taking over the episode and fighting for all the living and glory. And, after years of talking about it, Jon finally defeated the Army of the Dead.

Why: We saw Jon watch Viserion get destroyed right in front of his eyes.

Prediction: Now that the Battle of Winterfell is behind them, Dany and Jon have to come face-to-face with Jon’s true identity. I think it’s going to cause quite the rift between them. Now that Jon has no “immediate threat” of the White Walkers to focus on, he may change his mind about the throne. Or, maybe not.

Also, how will he tell his Stark family that he’s not really Ned’s son?

4. Daenerys Targaryen:

Who: Once sold as a slave by her brother, Daenerys has come a long way as Queen. We’ve seen her grow from a timid, overshadowed girl to a strong, powerful woman. She fought with somewhat vigor and pride, trying the best that she possibly could against the Night King. It is hard to see her lose both Viserion and Jorah in one episode, though.

Why: We saw Dany mourning Jorah’s body, comforted by one of her dragon children.

Prediction: Dany is going to battle Cersei head-on for the throne, for sure, but how will her relationship with Jon and his newfound identity get in the way of it? I’m thinking she’s going to have a lot of problems coming her way—including the fact that her most trusted advisor is now dead and her hand is Cersei’s blood.

5. Tyrion Lannister:

Who: The “imp” who has somehow made it through two battles and a plethora of people trying to kill him, he has turned the tables on his family and taken sides with the Targaryens. While he fought the urge to joint the battlefield, it’s almost better he was stuck underground because—he would have 100% died out there.

Why: We saw him alongside Sansa in the crypts after the Night King was defeated, looking over the dead bodies.

Prediction: Tyrion is going to play a very big role in the episodes to come. With Dany battling Cersei for the throne, Tyrion is placed in the middle—he’s the hand to Dany but his sister, Cersei, is his flesh and blood. If Cersei is pregnant, defeating her (killing her) may be a sore spot for Tyrion, who always loved his nephews and niece, despite them being from incest.

6. Sansa Stark:

Who: The Lady of Winterfell who was everyone’s captive and slave for years finally found her voice. While she is often silenced by men and other, stronger and more powerful women, Sansa has finally found her own in standing by her family name and her home. Despite her brother’s desire to support Dany, Sansa is fierce in her convictions to oppose a new “queen.”

Why: We saw Sansa standing in the crypts with Tyrion and other survivors.

Prediction: Sansa is going to have a hard time bending the knee to a new queen—especially after finding out her sister is the one who defeated the Night King. However, Sansa hates Cersei more than anything—so it will be interesting to see where she lies her loyalties here. One Stark is bound to die before the seasons over—my money would be on Sansa.

7. The Hound:

Who: Sandor Clegane, aka The Hound, went from huge a**hole to small a**hole in the show. He originally was fighting for the Lannisters, then left to fend for himself, then tried to sell Arya Stark for some money—but ended up protecting her at all costs. His desire to protect both Sansa and Arya for years has not gone unnoticed. And, while his attitude sucks, we do see through that and know there’s a heart somewhere.

Why: The Hound stayed with Melisandre after Arya ran to defend Bran—if Melisandre was alive, there’s a solid chance he is, too.

Prediction: The Hound will continue to fight and protect Arya and Sansa—and, what the f**k ever happened to the Clegane Bowl we’ve been waiting for!?!

8. Missandei:

Who: Once a slave who served as an interpreter to the masters of Astapor, she was freed and now serves Daenerys as her trusted advisor and Handmaiden. She also fell madly in love with Grey Worm, the leader of the Unsullied army.

Why: We saw Missandei in the crypts with Sansa, Tyrion, and Varys after the dead weredefeated. We also see her in the trailer for Episode 4 standing beside Dany.

Prediction: After knowing Sansa hates Daenerys, Missandei may have some things to share with her Queen. Also, if Grey Worm is alive, is she leaving with him?

9. Varys:

Who: Varys, AKA the Spider, is a eunuch and was the Master of Whisperers on the King’s Small Council until he is forced to flee King’s Landing with Tyrion. He now serves Daenerys and is a huge master of manipulation and spying.

Why: We saw Varys in the crypts after the dead were defeated. We also see him in the previews for Episode 4 alongside Daenerys.

Prediction: Varys worked with Cersei for years, and now that he’s working with Dany, will he share some of the secrets he’s learned about the Lannisters? Also, what was Melisandre saying about Varys needing to die at King’s Landing?

10. Samwell Tarly:

Who: A steward in the Night’s Watch and Jon Snow’s best friend, Samwell has been through it. He not only defeated the first White Walker to come to Castle Black, but he also uncovered everything we need to know about Jon Snow’s heritage, with Bran confirming it.

Why: We saw Sam after the dead were defeated, panting.

Prediction: Sam is going to be a key player in the Jon v. Dany fight for the throne. Sam obviously thinks that Dany is unfit to serve after murdering his father and brother, and continues to push Jon to take what is his. I have a feeling he’ll end up arguing with Dany somewhere along the way.

11. Jaime Lannister:

Who: The oldest son of House Lannister, Jaime has gone from the most-hated character on GoT to somewhat loved. He originally started out as “The King Slayer,” sleeping with his sister and pushing Bran Stark out a damn window. But, his character arc has proven that Jaime is actually the good guy, and he was probably corrupted.

Why: We see Jaime’s dark, bloody shadow overlooking the dead walkers after the Night King is killed.

Prediction: Jaime will most likely have to deal with Euron and Cersei in the next few episodes. Also, with Bron, who’s supposed to kill him and Tyrion both.

12. Brienne of Tarth:

Who: Brienne Tarth, commonly known as Brienne of Tarth, is a warrior of House Tarth, vassals to House Baratheon, and the only daughter of Lord Selwyn Tarth. She was knighted as Ser Brienne, Knight of the Seven Kingdoms in Episode 2 by Jaime Lannister. She’s madly in love with Jaime, but refuses to admit it (though she did admit it kind of to Cersei right before Joffrey died).

Why: We see Brienne standing aside Jaime, bloodied and battered.

Prediction: I’m interested to see what happens between Jaime and Brienne now. If Cersei and Euron are all in-love and whatnot, will Jaime finally open his eyes and see Brienne? I think that if she goes to King’s Landing with Jaime, Cersei will have her killed—even if she’s over Jaime entirely.

13. Tormund:

Who: Tormund is a raider among the Free Folk and one of the key leaders behind Mance Rayder. After Rayder is murdered by Stannis Baratheon’s orders, he turns his ties over to Jon Snow—friend and leader. Not to mention, he’s adorable and in love with Brienne. Oh, and he drank a giant’s breast milk for months on end.

Why: We see Tormund standing alongside Gendry and Pod after the battle.

Prediction: Tormund will most likely stay up North—unless Brienne goes South. He’ll follow the “Big Woman” anywhere.

14. Podrick:

Who: Podrick Payne, often called Pod, was Tyrion’s squire and saved his life in the Battle of the Blackwater. He later ended up serving Brienne after Joffrey held Tyrion captive and almost executed him. Pod has gone from quiet little squire to strong fighter—and apparently, does wild sh*t to girls.

Why: Pod is seen after the battle, too.

Prediction: We finally find out what Pod did to those girls…or at least I hope so.

15. Grey Worm:

Who: Grey Worm is the chosen commander of the Unsullied, the warrior-eunuchs of Astapor. He became one of the main advisors to Daenerys Targaryen after she acquires the Unsullied from the Masters of Astapor. He’s madly in love with Missandei and is trying to escape the Seven Kingdoms to go back to places with more people like them.

Why: We see Grey Worm standing over the dead corpses holding his Unsullied sword at the end.

Prediction: If Grey Worm keeps his promise to Missandei, will Dany be mad that he wants to leave? Or, will he lead the battle against Cersei and her “elephants.”

16. Gendry:

Who: Gendry is a skilled blacksmith and an unacknowledged bastard son of King Robert Baratheon. He’s found by Ned Stark, and later by Ser Davos, and brought to the North to fight alongside Jon and the living. He’s also the lover of Arya Stark, as the two were together when captured by the Lannisters and following the Brotherhood.

Why: We see Gendry after the battle bloodied standing over dead bodies.

Prediction: Gendry and Arya are going to get it on some more.

17. Ser Davos:

Who: Ser Davos Seaworth is a landed knight and a former smuggler who was in the service of Stannis Baratheon. He joins Jon Snow and House Stark after Stannis is killed and is now serving beside Jon Snow.

Why: We see him following Melisandre out of Winterfell before she falls to her death.

Prediction: We will see Davos and more witty banter to come, but he will have to advise Jon now, as he’s no longer a Stark but now a Targaryen instead.

18. Gilly:

Who: Gilly is one of the Free Folk, and is a daughter and wife of Craster. She is later brought to Winterfell and the North by Sam, who falls in love with her and takes care of her child; Little Sam.

Why: We see Gilly in the crypts after the battle is won.

Prediction: We finally recognize Gilly for how smart she truly is—as she’s the one who uncovered Lyanna and Rhaegar’s secret marriage. Maybe Gilly will become a key player in the take over of King’s Landing and help Sam outsmart Dany.

19. Ghost:

Who: Ghost is one of six direwolf pups that are found by the children of House Stark. He is adopted and raised by Jon Snow.

Why: We see Ghost go into battle and many were worried he didn’t survive. But he’s seen in the trailer for episode 4 alongside Jon.

Prediction: Ghost will probably not serve a huge purpose—but goddamnit we need at least ONE direwolf to survive.

20. Drogon and Rhaegal:

Who: Two out of three of Dany’s dragon-children, as Viserion was turned into a White Dragon and later killed when the Night King was defeated.

Why: We see both dragons at the end of the episode comforting Dany.

Prediction: They will come into play against Cersei, and Dany may use them to burn some more traitors. Also, if Cersei tries to get to Dany, the dragons will always protect their mother.