This Girl Trained Her Parrot To Attack On Command And It’s Giving Us Strong Daenerys Vibes

The award for badass of the week goes to this little girl who has somehow trained her pet bird to attack anyone she yells at. I must’ve watched this video posted by Twitter user @Apex_sH at least a hundred times.

Such a short video, but it sparks so many questions for me. Like, how was the bird THAT ready?

Do you think you’re ready to go when the shit goes down? ARE YOU THIS READY? I imagine when this bird smiting this little girl’s enemies it’s doing pushups in its cage to Eye Of The Tiger.

Is it just me, or did you get some serious Daenerys/Snow White from Shrek vibes?

Okay, so it’s not just me. Let’s just hope that bird doesn’t get any bigger.

How does one so young attain such power? Will she use it for good or evil?

Like most child prodigies, I eagerly look forward to watching her skills grow. Maybe one day she’ll command a flock. Then eventually all wars will be fought by birds. There will be a new age of peace among humans and we will thrive, but the birds will grow resentful. They’ll turn on us and we’ll no longer have the means to stop them. Or maybe she’ll become a vet or something idk.

h/t: Mashable