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Woman Shares Texts From Maintenance Man She Says Tried To Break Into Her Apartment

36-year-old Bee lives in Louisiana in a small apartment building — nothing terribly out of the ordinary there. But then she started getting a series of texts from the building’s maintenance worker that said he would be entering her unit “just to see [her] face.”


Yeah. Yikes.

The text exchange went viral when Bee posted the screenshots to Twitter.

Bee told BuzzFeed that maintenance was being done on a neighboring unit when, at about 7:30 in the morning, one of the workers texted Bee. She figured he would need access to her unit.

Twitter: @ThunderCatHeaux

But things got pretty weird pretty quick — no, he didn’t need to get into her unit for repairs.

He missed her face.


Bee told BuzzFeed, “When I responded ‘oh lol,’ it was the same as an in real life nervous chuckle. I literally did not know how else to respond to that kind of message from a person I was not interested in. Even the nicest person can be harmful.”

Twitter: @ThunderCatHeaux

So Bee said no and declined the advance, but he continued. He told her “I’m coming in” and “Just opened it,” completely ignoring her hard “No” and threat of calling the police.

Twitter: @ThunderCatHeaux

Once the maintenance man realized she wasn’t playing with him, he immediately said he was “joking”.

Bee said that she broke the lease and blocked him very quickly after the incident. “I felt unsafe, [so] I moved as soon as I had the resources to do so.”


She explained that she did not feel that complaining to the owners was an option. “The owners were a married couple that just owned and renovated a house,” she told BuzzFeed. “They didn’t care about anything but the rent. All of the tenants had several complaints about various things. Nothing was ever handled.”

Sadly predictably, women had similar stories to share in the comments of Bee’s tweet.

One woman wrote, “I remember when i was in middle school our maintenance man broke into our apt and he replaced my moms ceiling fan with one that cast a star like shadow on the ceiling and he left a note about how he wanted her to see the stars. He was later fired for stealing company funds to purchase these items to give to the female residence, such as that ceiling fan. VERY scary situation in retrospect, but at the time I was young and thought the fan was pretty …”

Another had a sister who shared a very similar experience.

And if you want to scroll through a series of abusive men, just keep reading Bee’s thread.